• Why on earth is rhubarb in with the fruits? Saw that little space tomatoes left when they moved in with the vegetables and thought “I’m having that spot”? Disgusting vegetable.

  • The less sugar I eat, the more adversely affected I am when I do actually have some. Them people who say it’s poison may have a point…

  • 64 minutes to do something that should take a couple of weeks? Time to shine for a procrastinator. #LetsGo

  • I haven’t really had much to say recently, but I am still enjoying the posts and photos you share to the internet dotcom

  • TWO laughing emoji because I find that hilarious.

  • If I can find the box, someone will give me £150 for Pokémon FireRed. 🤣 This weekend I will be box hunting. 🤣

  • So long, keybase.pub I am not surprised you are being cut

  • cross-post to micro.blog test 4 (.4 - fixed typos, uploaded correct file this time)

  • Ah, updating a CV. The fun way of finding out certificates & accreditations have expired, and you’re slightly less employable than you thought.

  • The mystery is more exciting than the photo. Doesn’t appear on the floor plan. No way to get through the door, nothing visible on the other side. @joelhamill @iangl @anthonyallison

  • “Potatoe” //@annie

  • I did try posting to micro.blog from my own site but the posts never arrived. But I never got an error. (I don’t want to dump an RSS feed, I want interoperability)

    I wonder where they went? Doomed to circle the internet for all time?

  • After a quick browse of ‘Discover’ I have serious photo envy. Everyone takes lovely/interesting photographs. My last three picutres are of a supermarket checkout where they mispelled ‘potato’, a broken monitor, and the mysterious door to Floor 5 on the 4-floor building I work in.

  • Is there a record for length of time between signing up and making the first post? Or a badge? :D

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