• Thanks for the watchOS update, Apple. I love having a pulsing icon that won’t go away.

  • Four-fifths of the work done. Seven-eighths of the day done. All the best work is done in what I call the “Procrastinator’s Power Zone” anyway.

  • TFW you’ve read through something SIX times. It’s fine, so you submit. Then on your seventh reading, many months later, you notice a ridiculous tautology that make you look dim.

  • Does this colour scheme say ‘fancypants calendar app’ to you?

  • Calendars on computer/phones - they’re all inadequate. Why? Is there something you use that’s good for you? Can you show me please?

  • The Instagram discover tab is a bunch of images which are selfies of different young ladies that look very similar. The Pixelfed dotsocial discover tab has some beautiful photographs and just the odd selfie.

  • I think my webmentions are working again if you live on a part of the interweb that does that.

  • I still read lots of posts on microdotblog, but I’ve not been interacting much. Sorry. It’s mostly down to laziness.

  • What is the best website?

  • To-do list takes up whole screen. Solution: rotate monitor 90°. More space for more entries.

  • I think Ziglu will be imploding soon. I’ve withdrawn my handful of Euros and Pounds already.

  • Regularly check all the A records on your domain names are correct, kids.

  • Also found a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) so it’s not all tears:

  • Ah, I had put off tidying out the cupboard because it’s full of memories that remind me of how short life is. And that I should probably live it instead of tidying things.

  • “This person writes lots of really long words and I can’t understand a good number of them. I must be tired.” …nope, I’m reading German and hadn’t realised the language had switched from English.

  • Kid has too many books for bookshelf. A nice problem, but needs tidying. I feel like a censor deciding they’re too old for some and tidying them away.

  • I don’t mind paying, it doesn’t need to linked to a store (prefer it wasn’t), and why do so many eBook apps need to harvest personal data? I rather privacy respecting apps. Stupid capitalism.

  • Can anyone recommend an epub reader for iOS that’s reasonably good? Sync with Calibre would be a huge plus. Thanks!

  • btw I’m not trying to start an interweb fight with one of those snobs that lives on the cli

  • Just edited some HTML in vim. Yuk.

  • Lovely dark pattern on RS Online - loads in stock of item, then if you timeout during checkout and return to basket there’s only 1 left. “Better hurry up and order then!” But if you check the product page and there’s loads again. Tut tut.

  • Product: I cost $35!
    Me: That’s a fair price, I am happy to pay $35.
    Product: Oh, you’re in UK? It’s £35.
    Me: That’s $43. I’ll switch to US store then.
    Product: lol no
    Me: Well, that’s $0 you earn today

  • LastPass just sent me an email titled “Cybersecurity starts with you” and tbf I needed that laugh today.

  • Why on earth is rhubarb in with the fruits? Saw that little space tomatoes left when they moved in with the vegetables and thought “I’m having that spot”? Disgusting vegetable.

  • The less sugar I eat, the more adversely affected I am when I do actually have some. Them people who say it’s poison may have a point…

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